Another Rumor Says the BMW X2 Will Become Reality

Back in March, Autocar was reporting that BMW will be making the rumored X2 a reality somewhere in 2017. Since then, nothing new popped up on the internet about the upcoming crossover until today, when Auto Express picked up the rumor once again.
BMW X2 rendering 1 photo
Just like Autocar before it, the guys from AE are also heading into uncharted territory making all sorts of claims without a proper source behind their claims. However, their take on the matter actually makes sense. That’s if BMW wants to make another niche model.

The so-called X2 would be the smallest Sport Activity Coupe model made by the Germans and it would also be front-wheel drive, using the same UKL platform as the upcoming X1 that will surely be FWD. That means we’ll get two sets of X2s, the FWD ones and xDrive models, in the same way the 2 Series Active Tourer range works.

This model would also be on par in terms of size with the F48 X1 that is due in late 2015. It would use the same engines as well, the only difference being the body style. It’s the X5/X6, X3/X4 story all over again, but only on a smaller scale.

Engine choices would vary from 1.5-liter 3-cylinder units to 2-liter 4-cylinder plants making up to 300 HP. Hybrids are also a possibility, with fuel consumption figures close to 100 mpg.

The model that will have close to 300 HP will be perfect to rival the Audi Q3 RS and the Mercedes-Benz GLA45 AMG, both of which are also front-wheel drive and performance models. Whether that car will be wearing the M badge is still a question that needs answering but we highly doubt it at first, as the Motorsport division will be quite busy making an X4 M before that.

So, what does that leave us with? Well, the X2 will be the smaller, Coupe-like front-wheel drive X1 that nobody is waiting for. Maybe it will have a market of its own that we don’t know about but BMW does but all of this niche war is seemingly getting out of hand.
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