And You Thought 1%ers Were Bad...

Well now, almost each 1%er story has something bad in it, at least that’s what almost 100% of the remaining 99% think. The truth behind this claim depends on each individual’s habits, decisions in life and all, and by all means, it’s not the purpose of this editorial. The goal is to show that when it comes to being an idiot, the 1%er prejudice is flawed. And even the prejudices involving bikes are flawed. Putting it bluntly, you don’t have to be special to be a moron: you just simply have to be one.
What does “a minority of scooter, motorcycle and car owners performing stunts” tell you? Pretty much nothing, does it? Well, how about the police closing down one of the most iconic motorcycle-related places in Europe and possibly in the whole wide world because of the a**holes I’ve mentioned? Sounds a bit off, doesn’t it? Of course it does, because it IS off.

So, here’s the long story short (and then long again). The Ace Café London has been notified by the local police that it may be shut down because of repeated complaints for noise, disturbances and anti-social behavior. Repeated complaints following repeated misdemeanors, obviously.

A new law called the “Anti-Social Behaviour Crime and Policing Act 2014” empowers the police, in this case the Brent Police, to close down venues accused of antisocial behavior without taking the case to court. That is, if you’re a bar or club, or pub, or whatever, and in a away condone or host groups of people whose acts are deemed as antisocial, a police constable could show up at your door, with all the papers ready at hand and the law backup and ask you to vacate the place, then close it down.

I didn’t go deeper in the more detailed judicial aspects of the law, because I don’t need to. While some might see this as the State intruding in the private life in a most unwelcomed and possibly abusive manner, I have to be the devil’s advocate this time, because I really believe that such behavior from the bikers, scooter riders and drivers is highly inappropriate.

Now, the Ace Café is there since 1938, and some might say that people living around it should have gotten accustomed to the rumble of bikes in the area, as it is one of THE bike places in the world. Of course, I can’t prove that the folks who live in the area have good or bad intentions, neither could I say whether they are bike enthusiasts or haters. Locals and local inquiries should do that on their way to clarify the matter.

However, there must be something very wrong about the whole thing since Ace Café owner Mark Wilsmore has asked these fellows to cease with such activities on the premises of his establishment. MCN reports that Wilsmore “has put up posters around the venue explaining its fate is in the hands of those causing problems. Ace Café London has received a written warning from police that continued anti-social behaviour in the vicinity of the café will result in them closing it down, using new powers given to them by this act. Anti-social behaviour includes dangerous driving/riding, the performing of stunts on the public road (wheelies, stoppies, burnouts and drifting). The future of the café is in your hands.” Need I be more specific?

His polite words should obviously be translated to “I ask that the morons who believe they are such great stunt riders or drivers, and who have chosen the Ace Café as the stage to show off their breathtaking skills should cease acting like a bunch of idiots or choose another place to grace the Universe with your pathetic crap.” Editorial policies prevent me from using a more accurate translation for Wilsmore’s plea, but I am pretty sure that most of you got the message.

Obviously, there are a lot of guys who would oppose my point, simply because they believe that motorcycling is about burnouts in front of a pub, and stunt riding on public, possibly crowded streets. While organizing a group of motorists to stage a similar “routine” repeatedly in their neighborhood until they get the full flavor of their own medicine is rather impossible, I believe that Mr. Wilsmore could try and actually ask for police help in this affair.

In case some of his customers (though I guess rather few of the actual customers are leaving their houses with their minds set on mayhem) still don’t get it, he could also ask for other decent riders’ helping hand and literally ban these cretins from the Café. Yes, he might lose some customers, but get to keep the doors of the Ace Café London open and a whole lot of other people happy, which I guess is the very point.

Such occasional gits are to be found everywhere, but I am positive that when confronted with the massive disapproval (and even counter-measures) from the rest of the folks, they will ride off or change. I’ve happened to be a marshal in many rallies and I know things CAN work out.
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