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All-Wheel-Drive KTM 990 Adventure Burnout

The KTM 990 Adventure is one of the best enduro-touring bikes in the world, and it needs no further proof for this. However, when it comes to traction in tight situations, nothing suits such a bike better than an all-wheel drive system from Christini AWD Motorcycles.
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Just like the very name says it, Christini is offering AWD kits which can be installed on other bikes. Obviously not a bolt-on upgrade, the AWD kit is however one of the best things which could ever happen to a bike which leaves the asphalt behind often.

The transformation is also not a one-man job, and the bike in this video was tuned by Cosentino Engineering. A more detailed approach to the whole upgrade process can be found on the ADVrider Forum.

This is nothing new, as 2WD bikes have been around for quite a while now, but seeing tuners starting to get involved in the AWD motorcycle segment is definitely a glorious thing. We might see more AWD bikes sooner than we think, as it looks like this is major off-road fun.

Oh, and it appears that the first 2WD bike burnout was done by Steve Christini some 3 years ago. Anyway, this is cool!

Via Autoblog.

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Christini burning rubber

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