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Aliens Have Landed: Bugatti Bolide Looks Like a Spaceship Between Goodwood's Haystacks

We won't interrupt this program for a special announcement because the aliens haven't really landed anywhere, though that could be a delicate topic in certain circles (pun intended). But with its futuristic design and neck-snapping performance on smooth tarmac, the Bugatti Bolide looks like a spaceship, or at least something da Vinci would've drawn half a millennium ago.
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Bugatti BolideBugatti BolideBugatti BolideBugatti BolideBugatti BolideBugatti BolideBugatti BolideBugatti Bolide
You may argue that the 2023 Goodwood Festival of Speed ended last Sunday, after just three short days, but Bugatti took their time to edit a few shots of the stunning Bolide in action between the famous haystacks, aka on the Hill Climb. Sprinkled with a few static images, the video you're about to watch shows the fabulous track-only hypercar doing its thing. Thus, if you're into fast cars (who isn't?), you should take the time and watch the entire thing; after all, it's only one minute long.

But before you scroll down looking for the play button, allow us to remind you a bit about the Bugatti Bolide. It was shown in concept form a little over two and a half years ago. However, due to the bold styling, some never thought it would see the light of day in production form. But it has, or it rather will, as the first prototypes were created in 2023. And you can bet that Bugatti's engineers and test drivers didn't go easy on any of them. The hypercar is so impressive that the Molsheim brand referred to it as being breathtaking when they kicked off the testing phase at different racetracks worldwide.

While Chiron weighs almost two tons or 4,400 pounds, the targeted weight of the Bolide is 1,450 kg (3,197 lbs). Due to the lightweight (for an extremely powerful hypercar) construction and the crazy advanced aero, not to mention the output and thrust, the Bolide is a dream ride that targets deep-pocketed enthusiasts who tend to thrash their rides at the racetrack every now and then. And it has to be "manageable for drivers of all abilities," according to the automaker. Thus, no matter how much it may scare some upon applying pressure to the right pedal, it should be manageable, in theory, anyway.

Want to talk about power? Try 1,577 hp (1,600 ps/1,177 kW), down from the concept's even more dizzying 1,824 hp (1,850 ps/1,361 kW). The Bolide is capable of 2.5 G of lateral acceleration and can generate almost three tons (roughly 6,600 pounds) of downforce, depending on the speed. As we already told you, the Bugatti Bolide is a track-only toy that costs an eye-watering €4 million (equaling $4.5 million). Production will be limited to 40 copies globally, and not a single one is still available, as all build slots have been reserved.

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