Alcoho-Lock Is a Bicycle Breathalyzer that Could Come in Handy, But It’s Too Expensive

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There’s no need to mention all the statistics that point out how dangerous driving under the influence of alcohol is, right? Hey, we all took it for granted: no driving after we had a couple of glasses. After all, there’s nothing like driving your car home, especially after a long night; it's just that you need to stay sober. Why mess with that comfort?
Let’s say we do eventually solve the problem as far as motorists are concerned, but what about cyclists?

Well, first of all, there are little to non regulations that verify if people who commute by bicycle have had any drinks. At least there aren’t any to our knowledge. That’s what this recently released gizmo wants to solve. It’s one of those things you use to protect yourself... well, from yourself.

However, there are several setbacks with this yellow lock you use on your bike’s wheel. First of all, it implies that bikers don’t trust themselves enough to think they’d take the right decision when being intoxicated. Once you bought one of these puppies and hanged it on your bike, it automatically means you lack the will to control yourself.

After all, alcoho-lock works in the same way an average breathalyzer does. It also pairs with your smartphone via an app and displays the alcohol levels in your breath. According to Gizmodo, however, it doesn’t necessarily lock your bike if you’re intoxicated. Instead, it will send a message to one of your friends, announcing them you may need a little bit of help. It will also advise you to walk home. It has about 40 blood-alcohol-level test on a full battery.

So far, we’re pretty sure most of you guys are somewhere between “why not” and “probably not”. Here’s what will most likely prevent it from a widespread use: one unit is around $250. However, we had to mention it since we find it rather innovative.
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