A Parked Mercedes Is the Perfect Greenhouse During Traffic Restrictions

The current international health crisis has brought out the cook and the baker in many people. Here’s an example to put your starter sourdough obsession or efforts to grow a home garden to shame.
Dad turns his parked E-Class Wagon into greenhouse 4 photos
Dad turns his parked E-Class Wagon into greenhouseDad turns his parked E-Class Wagon into greenhouseDad turns his parked E-Class Wagon into greenhouse
One retiree from the UK is putting a new spin on the concept of custom car jobs, by turning his personal vehicle into a fully-functional greenhouse. Ian Hall, The Birmingham Mail reports, owns a Mercedes E-Class Wagon but he’s hardly done any driving in it as of late, given the current situation and stay-at-home orders.

Since the car was parked in the driveway and the cold weather was killing off his plants (as were some very persistent slugs), he decided to turn the car into a greenhouse – temporarily, one would assume. He took out the rear seats and had the interior lined in plastic, so that moisture wouldn’t get inside to cause damage.

Then, he moved all his plants inside, and he has plenty of them: three types of tomatoes and some pak choi. According to the same media outlet, Hall hopes to be able to make pizza sauce from the tomatoes real soon. No word on the recipe for the pak choi, but the report mentions that Hall is also making his own sourdough.

“He's had six weeks to the gallon on his car so far, in terms of driving it,” Hall’s daughter says for the same publication. “The car is lined with plastic to prevent water damage. It creates the perfect environment as it's warm in the sun even when it's cold outside.”

That’s one way to use your car when you’re not allowed to drive it, for sure. That said, even if you too are using yours to grow your own vegetables, make sure you give it some TLC during these hard – and idling, for the poor thing – times.


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