5 Things That Are Wrong With the Focus RS, According to Vehicle Virgins

5 Things That Are Wrong With the Focus RS, According to Vehicle Virgins 5 photos
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Oh, we can already hear the critics. There are some cars out there that you should never badmouth, and the new Ford Focus RS is one of them, being at the top of the list of any hot hatch lover.
Vehicle Virgins has test-driven one of the first examples to arrive in the United States and did a "5 Things I Hate" video. What is this, Cosmopolitan?

We can almost hear the internet trolls complaining about Parker's voice, the way he looks or the fact that he drives a Lamborghini. However, most of the stuff he says about the Focus RS is 100% accurate.

The suspension really is too stiff for daily use. Maybe the roads around Ford's Cologne factory in Germany are perfectly smooth, but they aren't the same in America. Still many Subaru STI and Mitsubishi Evo drivers put up with bone-shaking suspension just so they can corner well.

In a way, the Focus RS is not a hot hatch, more like a drivable expression of Ford's motorsport heritage. The comment about interior quality also applies to the Fiesta ST, but nobody walks into a Ford dealership expecting Audi levels of quality, right?

An overheating rear diff is again something that could have been fixed before the RS entered production. As far as the high driving position is concerned, this is a problem that also plagued the previous Focus RS.

For those of you who live in America and can't buy one or have simply forgot what happened in 2009, we'll make our own "5 Things I Hate About the Old Focus RS."

Here we go! First of all, the green paint and WRC body kit make people thing you've tuned your car. It doesn't have any class, and your mother-in-law will hate you. Secondly, 300 horsepower is way too much for a front-wheel drive car. So it's not as fast as it could be.

RevoKnuckle only partially solves the torque steer problem, which is our third complaint. Turbo lag is another issue. Even though it's got a 2.5-liter engine, the delivery of the power isn't as instant as you might think. And lastly, every time to try to have an average day, you get flooded by boy racers who want to know what you've done to it or are taking photos.

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