2021 BMW M3 Touring Rendered as The Wagon BMW Refuses To Build

No, the E46 BMW M3 Wagon one-off that was built back in 2000 doesn't count, so it's safe to say the Motorsport Division never agreed to giving customers such a dog-friendly model - the main reason behind this might not come from engineers, though, but rather from the company's belief that sales would fall below expectations. Nevertheless, there's no way of stopping the Internet from dreaming about an M3 that comes with a luggage compartment the size of tiny house.
2021 BMW M3 Touring Rendered 1 photo
In fact, this is precisely what brought us here today - the render sitting before us portrays the upcoming 2021 BMW M3 in Wagon form (Old Continent aficionados might want to use the local "Touring" designation).

The label behind this pixel play decided to go wild with the headlights, but this won't be the case with any BMW production model, not that the Bavarians would plan to give us an M3 Wagon.

We already know that the engine compartment of the M3 Sedan (you can also count the M4 Coupe and Convertible, with the latter dropping the folding metallic top for a canvas roof) will be occupied by the S58 3.0-liter straight-six that has debuted on the new X3 M and X4 M - the unit is based on the B58 that animates the M340i, but has come a long way.

There will be two muscle numbers, namely 480 and 510 hp, with the latter probably set to summon the Competition trim.

On the transmission front, buyers should be able to choose between a six-speed manual and a two-pedal setup.

The rumor mill also talks about optional AWD - like the F90 M5, the next M3 might get an M xDrive system that packs a RWD-only mode for when you feel the need to get sideways.

Mid-2020. This is the expected release date for the new BMW M3, which should come to the US as a 2021 model.


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