2017 Mercedes-AMG C63 with Armytrix Straight Pipes Is Why EVs Have It So Hard

One of the things Mercedes-AMG models are renowned for is the sound that comes out of their tailpipes. Well, we say "sound," but it's more like music. A very loud and chaotic music, but a treat for the ears nonetheless.
AMG C63 with Armytrix straight pipes 11 photos
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More modern models coming from the Affalterbach company also have a button on the center console that can turn the exhaust notes from pleasing to downright ridiculous. When exactly you are supposed to use that button is beyond us since the noise level will almost surely surpass the legal limit.

Well, it looks like not everybody agrees with us since the people at Armytrix decided this Mercedes-AMG C63 needs to be made a little louder. And to do that, they've installed another button that basically just throws a shovel full of gravel into the car's exhaust system. You don't believe us? Just listen to it go in the video below.

It's like the poor C63 suddenly got a severe cold. And it's not very happy about it. Which is a bit ironic, because everybody else that gets to hear its growl will instantly smile. Or maybe grin. It is simply wild, and we can only imagine the sound it makes when accelerating under load, and not just revving up the engine while stationary.

Sadly, imagining that is all we can do as there is no video of the car in action. But seeing this video made us think of why some people are obstinately refusing to accept electric vehicles in their lives and will probably drive their V8s until the last drop of oil is extracted from the ground.

We didn't just think about them, we also empathized with them. The electric revolution is happening, with battery-powered cars slowly taking over motorsport as well as the consumer market. And that's great. But it's also different, and we will need a bit of adjustment time to accept the fact that zero emissions are more important than aural orgasm. In the meantime, put on your headphones or hook your hi-fi, jack up the volume and watch the hairs on your arm stand up.

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