2023 Mercedes-AMG GT53 4-Door Photos, engines & full specs

Segment: Compact
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Production years: 2023, 2024

Mercedes-AMG GT53 4-Door 2023-Present 11 Photos
Mercedes-AMG GT53 4-Door (2023-Present)Mercedes-AMG GT53 4-Door (2023-Present)Mercedes-AMG GT53 4-Door (2023-Present)Mercedes-AMG GT53 4-Door (2023-Present)Mercedes-AMG GT53 4-Door (2023-Present)Mercedes-AMG GT53 4-Door (2023-Present)Mercedes-AMG GT53 4-Door (2023-Present)Mercedes-AMG GT53 4-Door (2023-Present)Mercedes-AMG GT53 4-Door (2023-Present)Mercedes-AMG GT53 4-Door (2023-Present)Mercedes-AMG GT53 4-Door (2023-Present)

In the spring of 2023, Mercedes-AMG introduced a mild facelift for its four-door coupe GT 4Matic+, the versions powered by the inline-six biturbo powerplant.

The model was launched in 2018 and already refreshed once in 2020. But that didn't stop the German automaker from adding a newer version of it just three years later after that. It didn't go too much with the updates, but still, it considered that some customers would ditch their already "old-looking" 2020 models and replace them with the newer version.

In the 2023 model year, the four-door coupe made by Mercedes-AMG sported a new front fascia with wider side scoops that sported a jet-wing design. In addition, small black winglets channeled more air inside those air intakes to cool the brakes. These flanked the center lower air intake that resembled a wing from an aircraft. For those looking for more aggressive styling, the automaker offered the option for a V8 styling package, which made the inline-six versions of the four-door coupe look like its more powerful brother.

Starting with the 2023 model year, the car offered a standard sliding glass roof and, on the center console, a wireless charger. But what was good in the cabin didn't change. The high-bolstered bucket seats at the front were both comfortable and looked awesome, while the rear bench seat was still profiled for two.

Under the hood, the six-cylinder version of the four-door coupe made by Mercedes-AMG was available in two power versions. The base model was the named GT 43 4Matic+ and offered 367 PS (362 hp), while its more powerful sibling, named GT 53 4Matic+, boasted a total of 435 PS (429 hp). Both versions were helped by a 16 kW (21 PS) integrated starter-generator (ISG).

press release
Mercedes-AMG GT53 4-Door 2023, 2024
  1 mild hybrid engine
  • 53 4MATIC+ 9AT AWD (435 HP)

Mercedes-AMG GT53 4-Door
53 4MATIC+ 9AT AWD (435 HP)

Displacement:2999 cm3
Power:319.9 KW @ 6100 RPM
435 HP @ 6100 RPM
429 BHP @ 6100 RPM
Torque:384 lb-ft @ 1800-5800 RPM
520 Nm @ 1800-5800 RPM
Electrical motor power:16.2 kw (22 hp)
Electrical motor torque:184.4 lb-ft (250 Nm)
Fuel System:Turbocharged Direct Injection
Fuel:Mild Hybrid
Top Speed:177 mph (285 km/h)
Acceleration 0-62 Mph (0-100 kph):4.5 s
Drive Type:All Wheel Drive
Gearbox:9-speed automatic (9G-TRONIC)
Front:Ventilated Discs
Rear:Ventilated Discs
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