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2017 Ford Fusion Facelift Unveiled at Detroit Auto Show

Ford has refreshed its Fusion sedan for the Detroit Auto Show and the car received much more than design tweaks.
2017 Ford Fusion 7 photos
Ford Fusion faceliftFord Fusion faceliftFord Fusion faceliftFord Fusion faceliftFord Fusion faceliftFord Fusion facelift factsheet
The facelifted Ford Fusion will be available for order with a twin-turbo V6 engine, enhanced dampening technology, a recalibrated suspension, and an updated SYNC 3 infotainment system. The 325 HP V6 engine is available for the new “Sport” variant, and Ford has introduced a new range-topping trim level called “Platinum.”

The new Platinum trim level is fitted with a 2.0-liter EcoBoost unit and an all-wheel-drive system comes as standard. The interior of this trim level features distinctive Cocoa leather, a hand-wrapped leather steering wheel, 19-inch polished rims, and a new front grille finished in “Magnetic” paint.

The Fusion Hybrid and Fusion Energi electrified vehicles now feature a new EcoGuide system that brings real-time eco-coaching to help drivers get better fuel economy. The Fusion Energi’s lithium-ion battery has a 7.6-kilowatt-hour capacity and provides an expected range of 19 miles on electric power alone. Recharging the battery takes only 2.5 hours and the car can be scheduled to charge itself only when the price of electricity is the lowest.

The Energi plug-in hybrid variant of the Fusion has a range of over 500 miles with the aid of the 2.0-liter gasoline engine. However, both electrified variants of the Fusion can drive at speeds of up to 85 MPH on electric power and have the ability to capture up to 95% of kinetic energy usually lost through heat during braking.

The Ford Fusion Sport (shown in the gallery) features 19-inch alloy wheels, a black front grille, quad exhaust tips, modified front and rear bumpers, new graphics for tail lights and front lights. The new Sport variant of the Fusion will be available in Ford dealerships in the United States of America starting this summer. Its prices will be announced shortly before the car’s arrival at dealerships. The 305 lb-ft torque provided by the 2.7-liter EcoBoost V6 unit is channeled to the wheels with the help of a six-speed automatic transmission. Ford's twin-turbo V6 Fusion Sport model is available with an all-wheel-drive system.

The design changes brought to the Fusion through the Sport variant are expected to come to the other versions as well. Naturally, the 19-inch rims won’t trickle down to every variant, as won’t the quad exhaust tips. But the changes to the bumpers, the headlights and tail lights will surely come to the other variants of the Fusion.

The blacked-out front grille and the rear spoiler will only be available on the Fusion Sport. This sporty version of the Fusion is also available with a new set of electronically-controlled dampers, which feature a pothole detection system. The new shocks can be adjusted while they hit a road imperfection to dampen the impact perceived by the car’s occupants.

On the technology side, the Ford Fusion facelift will be available with a new SYNC 3 infotainment system. This technology was unveiled at the 2016 CES and brings Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity, as well as a better voice recognition system, an improved touchscreen display, quicker response times, and an easy-to-use graphic interface.

The interior of the Fusion gets a knob instead of the traditional gear lever selector on the center console. The steering wheel of automatic transmission-equipped Ford Fusion cars gets paddles that allow manual control of the shifting process.

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