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2017 BMW 5 Series (G31) Touring Rendering Looks Very Accurate

In an era when SUVs do the job of every other type of car, a wagon is pointless. That's why Jaguar stopped making the XF Sportbrake after one try. But no self-respecting German automaker will not do that since "touring" are extremely popular in the land of the Bratwurst.
2017 BMW 5 Series (G31) Touring Rendering Looks Very Accurate 3 photos
2017 BMW 5 Series (G31) Touring Rendering Looks Very Accurate2017 BMW 5 Series (G31) Touring Rendering Looks Very Accurate
Following the mantra of "same sausage different size", BMW is about to introduce an all-new generation of the 5 Series Touring that looks just like the 7 Series. We've seen the G31 parading its camouflaged body up the Nurburgring and down the highways.

So we thought it was time for a new rendering. Here's one, created by Remco M. We believe that it's pretty accurate, just like most of his work, plus it has that glossy look that you see in every BMW press image.

Like we said, touring models, otherwise known as estates or wagons, are hugely popular in Germany. For the Passat, Octavia, and Superb, they usually represent more than half of the sales.

There's nothing wrong with the way the current F11 5 Series does its work, but the replacement will become a technological showcase, just like the Mercedes E-Class.

Rumors suggest that BMW will even go as far as to launch an augmented reality windshield. Meanwhile, things like the hand gesture and new infotainment will be borrowed from the 7 Series.

Also rumored is the fact that this will be the first 5 Series to use a 3-cylinder 1.5-liter turbocharged engine. A substantial weight saving will help the little engine deal with the bulk, but we still believe it will be helped by an electric motor.

At the launch of the new 5er, things will be a little more conventional in the engine department. Even the 4.4-liter V8 will be kept, albeit in a newer configuration. As for the popular yet controversial M550d from the M Performance division, it will have a quad-turbo 3-liter diesel, just like its 7 Series kin.


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