Toyota RAV4, Peugeot 3008 Pickups Rendered Based on Fiat Toro

Toyota RAV4 pickup rendering 3 photos
Photo: Theophilus Chin
Peugeot 3008 Pickup RenderingToyota RAV4 Pickup Truck Rendering
We associate Fiat mainly with the little 500. However, the Italian automaker made the bold move of adding a relatively big pickup truck to its lineup, the Toro. The aggressive styling of this Cherokee doppelganger has inspired many people to render trucks that will never exist.
Or will they? A Toyota RAV4 with a bed makes absolutely no sense when you consider the Tacoma would be cheaper to buy and more truck-like. However, trucks might eventually become lifestyle choices as well. Hyundai has such a thing in mind, so does Jeep.

You might think that the idea is too far-fetched, but a game-changes is on the agenda this year. Mercedes is about to launch its first premium pickup truck. Just watch the fine leather interiors and body kits fly.

Peugeot, who mainly makes cars for Europe and China, will never approve a 1-ton truck. However, Toyota is technically the biggest company in the world and growing. A RAV4-like truck might fit the lifestyle of outdoorsy people from Kentucky to Kenya.

But we digress; this story just needs to be about two rendered images by Theophilus Chin. He took the "bones" of the Fiat Toro and made Peugeot and Toyota equivalents. The one that looks like the RAV4 is especially cool, since it has the vibe of a hybrid.

There haven't been any hybrid trucks, at least not any good ones. What's wrong with having a frugal powertrain mixed in with your load-lugging capacity? They say that hybrids have fewer moving parts than turbocharged cars, so they are more affordable in the long run and easier to service.

In case this story has wet your appetite for trucks that don't exist, here's an older rendering of the SEAT Ateca. We thought you guys might enjoy that.
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