2016 Audi RS Q7 Looks Ready to Take on the Cayenne Turbo

2016 Audi RS Q7 1 photo
Photo: X-Tomi Design
The only time "RS" was mentioned in Audi's very long press release for the new Q7 was in the word "fiRSt". Yes, this is an SUV of many firsts, none of which have managed to set our pants on fire.
The old Q7 was no beauty and neither is this one. But even though it's not as sexy as a Porsche Cayenne or BMW X5, the largest Audi model does have a chance to become a veritable quattro barnstormer.

Rumor has it that the RS badge will finally make its way onto the Q7's hexagonal grille. And even if that doesn't come to fruition, an SQ7 is almost 110% guaranteed to happen. Audi has pulled much more controversial moves in the recent past, including the launch of the RS Q3 and the S1, both of which enjoyed a fair share of criticism.

What would a hot Q7 look like? Just check out these renderings by X-Tomi Design. He had the idea of combining the new SUV's design with the front and rear bumper designs of the equally new RS3 hot hatch. The result is kind of soft and elegant, the exact opposite of AMGs and M cars these days.

Weight isn't on its side

{Img2}Based around an all-new MLB Evo platform, the new Q7 is a massive 325 kilograms (716 lbs) lighter than its predecessor. That's a huge chunk of shaved weight. However, it's still not a featherweight. Equipped with the 3.0 TDI engine, the new Audi Q7 tips the scales at 1,995 kilograms (4,398 lbs). Add a big V8 twin-turbo engine and some complicated diffs and you could see the total weight of the RS Q7 increased to around 2.2 tons.

Still, that's no reason to call it quits. Many other performance cars weigh around 2 tons. For example, the RS7 comes 5 kilos (11 lbs) under 2 tons, while the BMW M6 Gran Coupe tips the scales at 1950 kilos (4,300 lbs) without all-wheel drive. Performance SUVs are even worse. For all the hype created around it, the 575 hp BMW X6 M measures 2,265 kilos (4,409 lbs) and don't even get us started on Range Rovers.

4.0 TFSI… obviously

The engine choice for the RS Q7 would be quite obvious, wouldn't it?! The 4.0 TFSI has won many awards and praise from customers for its power delivery. Currently, the maximum output of the unit is 560 horsepower. But engineers have been working feverishly at the Nurburgring track on an even hotter version with a rumored 600 hp, poised to go into service late in 2015 on the RS6 and RS7 Plus models.
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