2015 BMW M4 Coupe Sounds Awful in Gran Turismo 6

BMW M4 Coupe 1 photo
Photo: BMW
As you might’ve already heard, the new M4 Coupe was released both with a press kit and with a free DLC for the Gran Turismo 6 at midnight on December 12.
This was the first time BMW decided to unveil a car through a video game and, according to them, they picked the perfect game to do so... only that it’s not.

Maybe at the beginning, when the original GT was launched, the game was really ahead of its time. It was realistic and had impressive graphics, all in the search for the ultimate driving simulator, as they bragged back then (and still do now). However, years passed and the GT platform started to lag behind its main rivals.

The latest iteration was doomed from the beginning, being developed for PS3 in the first place, a platform that’s already 7 years old. That means that the graphics couldn’t be excellent by today’s standards, no matter what they did to the game.

Ok, so let’s say that games these days aren’t all about graphics. I’m all for that but this game isn’t about much else either. Apart from the huge amount of playable cars (including some never before seen concepts) there’s almost nothing to the game that would recommend it. The sound is also terrible whilst the gameplay is not brilliant either.

And here comes out main complaint: why does the M4 sound so bad? In all the videos we’ve seen of the new car, the new 3-liter engine sounds rather enticing and not like a chainsaw as is in this game. This problem, however, is not limited to the M4, unfortunately. Other cars sound weird too, ruining the game experience for some of us. Don’t believe me? Check out the videos below!

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