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2013 MINI Cooper Convertible Review by Car Buyer

For some reason we love Car Buyer's reviews. Maybe Rebecca has something to with it or maybe it's because they are short, concise and to the point, not bothering you with boring details.
2013 MINI Cooper S Convertible Review 1 photo
Today we're looking at the 2013 MINI Cooper S Convertible. Compared to its Hatchback brother, this model has roughly the same size but its top is coming down at the push of a button.

Talking about its top, it can come in 3 different colors, it's textile and you can also use it as a sunroof, in which case you're gonna get plenty of wind right in your face. Furthermore, when you're riding with the top down, the boot is rather cramped limiting your luggage options.

However, this is a sports convertible and therefore will, most likely, be used as a secondary vehicle and luggage won't be a problem. In this regard, the MINI shines. It still has that go-kart feel you've been getting used too and, if you get it with the JCW bits and pieces, you get a really nice sound from the exhaust, especially with the top down. We'll let Rebecca take over from here.


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