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2013 Battlestar Custom Bike by Will Robertson

If Vader wanted a custom bike, Will Robertson's Battlestar would probably be the first on the list. If you thought Batman's bike was cool, the Battlestar will shake your beliefs really hard.
The Battlestar has been derived from a classic Road  Star motorcycle, but it's rather hard to recognize its beginnings now. As Will Robertson himself declares, he just sawed it in half and then started to think which way to go.

Now, the result is truly breathtaking and the “wild factor” is simply through the roof with all the multi-faceted surfaces and the brutal knobby tires. And just to make things even more different, the rear axle hold two wheels instead of one. Will Robertson himself notes that steering the Battlestar is no easy job, as the bike constantly remembers to the pilot who's really in charge.

Speaking of custom bikes, Will dreams of a 14-feet (4.2 m) bike with 9 wheels, and he seems pretty confident it will also be a Star. And by all means, a 9-wheeled custom bike is something we wouldn't want to miss for anything in the world.


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