2012 Chevy Cruze Commercial: Zombie Apocalypse

We believe that machineguns, shotguns, machete, katanas, grenades and a longbow like Rambo are what you need to deal with the hordes on undead that will inevitably spawn towards the end of the world this December.
So everybody is dead, and you feel like you’re losing hope by the minute. But all you need to do is buy a Cruze. The price of this sedan? Who cares, since it’s the end of the world money doesn’t even matter.

According to the leader of the zombie legion, the Cruze runs circles around them, you can’t get to the tasty brains inside and the mileage is so good they can’t ambush it at the gas stations.

So there you have it: Chevy Cruze -the most feared car by zombies!


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