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Whizzer is a company founded in 1939 when Breene-Taylor Engineering, a firm headquartered in Los Angeles which produced airplane parts, launched the first Whizzer motorcycle, dubbed the Model D Bicycle Motor. Equipped with an air-cooled engine, the company managed to sell only 1000 units of the motorcycles. One year later, the Los Angeles-based firm came out with Model E, a new bike which was equipped with several improved features. In comparison with the previous motorcycle, approximately 1500 units of the Model E were sold.

Three years after the first bike of the company was launched, Dietrich Kohlsatt, an investor of Breene-Taylor,  and Martin Goldman, a lawyer of the same firm, bought Whizzer Motor. In 1943, the United States government and Whizzer Motor signed an agreement that allowed the motorcycle manufacturer to produce bikes in order to be used by the army. The same year, the company rolled out an improved motorcycle addressed to the US defense workers, dubbed the “New Model”, which was equipped with a belt final drive.

As the time passed by, Whizzer Motors launched multiple motorcycles but the most important one is surely the “700”, a bike that could reach a top speed of 65 km/h, having a brand new carburetor and many other improved components. The company grew up a lot and, in 1955, it changed its name to Whizzer Industries Inc., a new company which manufactured lots of products beside motorcycles, including toys and windows. However, even if it became quite powerful, Whizzer started experiencing numerous problems and in 1965 it stopped the production of motorcycles.

Back in 1998, the Whizzer company got revamped by a new investor and during the same year, it launched a new bike. The Classic is a black bike which was equipped with 26” rims and recorded an impressive success on the motorcycle industry. The time passed by and Whizzer Motorbikes launched several new bikes, including the Panther, the NE5 and the Pacemaker. Moreover, in 2006, the company brought out three new colors for its motorcycles, namely Forest Green, Vibrant Yellow and Original Vintage Maroon.

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