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MTT, which actually stands for Marine Turbine technologies, is an US company based in Franklin, Los Angeles. What's interesting is that the company doesn't produce motorcycles, its main activity being actually manufacturing high end turbines for boats.

However, it managed to became famous thanks to a motorcycle, namely the Y2K superbike, which was a special bike equipped with Rolls Royce Allison 250 turbo engine that could produce no less than 320 horsepower. For those of you who don't know, this is actually a helicopter engine which works with both diesel and kerosene fuel  allowing it to reach a very high speed.

In case you're still doubting that this is one of the most powerful motorcycles ever created, find out that it is the second bike in the world equipped with a gas turbine, being able to reach a maximum speed of no less than 365 km/h.

Obviously, it managed to set a new world record, the Guinness Book describing it as the “Most powerful production motorcycle” and the “Most expensive production motorcycle.”

And that's not all because the motorcycle comes with several other attractive parts besides the engine. For instance, the bike is equipped with a radar detector as well as with a camera mounted on the rear side of the vehicle which could provide images on a LCD screen installed on the dashboard.

Obviously, installing all these high-end features on such a high-speed motorcycle was pretty expensive so in case you want to buy a Y2K, you have to pay no less than $185,000.

Getting back to the parent company, MTT continued the production of high-speed motorcycles in 2008 by releasing the StreetFighter, another bike equipped with a gas turbine which could help it reach a top speed of no less than 402 km/h. Just like the previous models, the motorcycle was equipped with an automatic gearbox and was powered by a Rolls Royce Allison engine.

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