1 production models

4 discontinued models

Mikilon is the brand name of the Chaozhong Group in Wuyl City, Zhejiang Province, China. Mikilon produces dirt bike and play bikes for the Chinese, Australian, Philippine and European market. They offer bikes that look very much like Honda, Yamaha and KTM copies (except they are equipped with Chinese made Loncin engines). Mikilon employs 268 people and  makes 50cc, 110, 125, and 250 dirt bikes an ATVs.
The 249.4cc single-cylinder, four-stroke,water-cooled engine has a bore and stroke of 70mm x 64.8mm. It has an electric starter and brakes with 270mm rotors. The styling is very familiar as Mikilon seems to offer bikes that use KTM, Honda and Yamaha plastic. In fact, their 99cc KTM is called the MTM 99.

production models:

2 generations

2016 - present
discontinued models:

1 generation

2011 - 2011

5 generations

2008 - 2008

6 generations

2012 - 2013

1 generation

2011 - 2011