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His name is Olivier Midy, French nationality. Since he was 14, he has liked motorcycles a lot. If at the beginning he was just an old bikes collector, in the end he managed to make his own dream motorcycle come true. His company in Anjou was specialised in research and development for car lights and connections but in the same time Olivier was trying to create an European bike.
He started developing its first bike in 1992 and then he used a water cooled 900cc flat twin engine that develops 90 horses. He found a partner, François Midy and the adventure of the 900cc Roadster began. He designed the machine, developed the project and prepared the field for the Midual Roadster. It is a long time industrial project which still writes its pages.

production models:

1 generation

2016 - present
discontinued models:

1 generation

2001 - 2002