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Magni is a well known Italian motorcycle manufacturer. In 1947, Arturo Magni began his career in the Gilera racing department working with Piero Remor, the engineer of the famous four-cylinder Gilera racing engine.

In 1950, Arturo Magni joined the MV Agusta racing department, where he remained for more than twenty years, until 1977. Managing MV Reparto Corsa, the racers John Surtees, Mike Hailwood, Provini, Ubbiali and Giacomo Agostini won 75 world championships and over 3,000 races, which underlined the fact that Magni was becoming more powerful.

In 1977, Magni and his sons decided to build special versions of the series motorcycles, the first Magni bikes being the 750cc and 788cc MV Sport & MV America road bikes, which had new chain drives, new frames, tanks and seats. At the beginning of the 80s, Magni started to build Honda 900 Bol d'Or replicas, the MH1, which came without fairings, and a completely faired bike, the MH2. About 300 units were rolled out on the market.

In 1985, Magni decided to manufacture completely Italian bikes with Moto Guzzi engines. The first motorcycle was the "LeMans", a bike which had a new rear suspension system designed by Magni, called the "parallelogrammo".

As the time passed by, multiple new Magni models were designed and introduced. In 1987, the company rolled out the well-known "Classico 1000" and "Arturo 1000", equipped with spoke wheels, big round headlights and exposed engines. The two motorcycles were followed in 1989 by the "Sfida 1000" and in 1990 by the new "Australia" racing bike, which also came in a road version too, officially introduced in 1993.

The road version of the bike has the same characteristics as the racing model but has different exhaust and accessories. Because of the success of Sfida 1000, Magni released the new Sfida 1100 in 1995, with a new frame and a lot of handling improvements.

In 1998, other models were developed: the Sfida 1000 4V, equipped with a Guzzi engine, Australia 98, which produces 102 horsepower and Giappone 52, especially created to celebrate two decades of Magni motorcycles on the market.

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1998 - 2001