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HONDA SH Series/Models Timeline, Specifications and Pictures

Generations: 4
First production year: 2009

2017 - Present

The 2017 SH300i, with its compact, flat-floored step-through design and 16-inch front and rear wheels carries all of the SH signature touches, and packs something extra and powerful engine delivering maximum response for both city and highway use.


2017 - Present

The 2017 SH125i’s high-tensile steel tubular underbone frame is manufactured with both rigidity and durability in mind. Lightweight 16-inch aluminium die-cast wheels are key to its sure-footed handling ability and stability on a variety of road surfaces.


2017 - Present

The SH Mode 125 is equipped with a three-way catalyser sited at the back of the exhaust pipe within the muffler. This location provides an ideal balance between performance and fuel efficiency with improved exhaust purification and reduced CO, HC and NOx output. To achieve such efficiency the O2 lambda sensor detects oxygen concentration in the exhaust and PGM-FI supplies the engine with the opt...


2009 - 2010

The 2009 Honda SH150i is a nifty scooter for those in search of more power and a more motorcycle-ish attitude. With an 153cc engine, this scooter packs quite a punch, making it a great choice for darting ahead at the traffic light and fighting your way through the urban maze. At the same time, longer-range commuting is equally easy, with the Honda V-Matic transmission making things really easy....