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Boss Hoss is an American motorcycle company founded by Monte Warne in 1990, in Dyersburg, Tennessee. What sets Boss Hoss apart from every other motorcycle manufacturer is the fact that they use General Motors V8 engines and semi-automatic transmissions.
TN. Monte, a commercial aircraft pilot and degreed Aviation Airframe and Power plant technician, was the first who dared to design a V-8 powered motorcycle. The machine had a traditional cruiser motorcycle style, but with a single speed transmission design.  The company stood out because of their unusual bike configuration and by the mid 90s they managed to reach an annual figure of 300 bikes sold, reaching a total of 4000 units sold in late 2006. The same year, Boss Hoss became the first approved V8 motorcycle manufacturer in the world, as the European Commission gave the go-ahead for selling their bikes inside the EU boarders. At the release of the 2007 model production in August of 2006, Boss Hoss amazed the world by launching the new Boss Hoss Super Sport model, the first new model wearing the Boss Hoss signature since the company allowed the 502 model step on the catwalk, in the year 2000.

Over years, Boss Hoss Cycles, Inc. has grown, the Monte's shop being now a 22,000 square foot manufacturing facility. If we talk about the product line, it has also grown from the conventional two-wheeled motorcycle to trikes.

The machines have also known improvements, featuring a 2-speed transmission with reverse, inverted front suspension, vacuum formed body panels, investment cast structural frame components. All these components improved the rigidity of the Boss Hoss motorcycles.

Their current line-up includes the BHC-3 ZZ4 Bike, BHC-3 ZZ4 SS Bike, BHC-3 502 Bike, BHC-9 ZZ4 Trike and the BHC-9 502 Trike.

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