HUMMER H1 2 Door Hardtop Models/Series Timeline, Specifications & Photos

Generations: 1
First production year: 1992
Engines: Diesel
Body style: SUV (Sports Utility Vehicle)

1992 - 2006

After Hummer decided to sell its monster vehicle in a civilian version, it offered the truck a few body versions. One of the least known was the 2-door hardtop pickup. The Hummer was the official supplier for the U.S. Army since the mid-'80s, and some private customers paid hard money to get one of those from the Army Supply. Hummer suddenly understood that there was a market opportunity and took its chance. At first, it tried to sell the 4-door Hummer H1 to the market, and it was a success. Big names such as Arnold Schwarzenegger bought that big, off-road vehicle, halfway between a ...

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diesel engines:

  HUMMER H1 2 Door Hardtop 6.5L V8 4AT AWD (197 HP)