CITROEN DS5 Series/Models Timeline, Specifications and Pictures

Generations: 1
First production year: 2011
Engines: Diesel, Gasoline, Hybrid diesel
Body style: Hatchback

2011 - Present

A new premium 5-door hatchback from Citroen was released in 2011. It borrowed the C4’s platform and added cutting edge technology and style. The shape was of the DS5 was rather unconventional, with a lowered roofline, but still not a coupe, not a sedan, could we call it a hatchback coupe? The exterior was not out of the ordinary, but it wasn’t an ugly car either. The chrome detailing was use...

full description and technical specifications
diesel engines:

  CITROEN DS5 110 e-HDi 6AT (114 HP)

  CITROEN DS5 115 e-HDI 6AT (115 HP)

  CITROEN DS5 160 HDi 6AT (163 HP)

  CITROEN DS5 160 HDi 6MT (163 HP)

gasoline engines:

  CITROEN DS5 155 THP 6AT (156 HP)

  CITROEN DS5 200 THP 6MT (200 HP)

hybrid diesel engines:

  CITROEN DS5 160 HDi/Hybrid4 200driven: read