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SKODA Kamiq Series/Models Timeline, Specifications and Pictures

Generations: 2
First production year: 2018
Engines: Natural gas, Gasoline, Diesel
Body style: SUV (Sports Utility Vehicle)

2019 - Present

Despite having an identical name, the Chinese-only Skoda Kamiq doesn't have that many things in common with its European counterpart. That said, the international-market Kamiq is also a sub-compact crossover that will accompany the larger Kodiaq and Karoq as part of a Skoda crossover/SUV offensive. Not as a coincidence, all model names start with a K and end with the letter Q. Shown officia...

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natural gas engines:

  SKODA Kamiq (EU) 1.0L G-TEC 6MT (90 HP)

gasoline engines:

  SKODA Kamiq (EU) 1.0L TSI 5MT (95 HP)

  SKODA Kamiq (EU) 1.0L TSI 6MT (115 HP)

  SKODA Kamiq (EU) 1.5L TSI 6MT (150 HP)

  SKODA Kamiq (EU) 1.5L TSI 7AT (150 HP)

diesel engines:

  SKODA Kamiq (EU) 1.6L TDI 6MT (115 HP)

2018 - Present

Unveiled at the Auto China 2018 motor show, the Chinese Skoda Kamiq is part of a new Skoda SUV offensive that started with the Kodiaq and the Karoq. With dimensions smaller than the other two models, the Kamiq is more at home in a busy city than on a rugged off-roading trail, which is why an all-wheel-drive system isn't even on the options list. Despite having an identical name and being ba...

full description and technical specifications