SEAT Leon SC Review

OUR TEST CAR: 2013 SEAT Leon Sport Coupe 1.4 TSI 140 HP FR

The Background
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Remember a moment of your life when you’ve given everything you had to pursue your goal. This is precisely what SEAT is doing with its LEON Sport Coupe right now.

Just think about their claims for the Leon SC. SEAT tells us that this is their prettiest creation to date. It’s also the first time they’ve offered their Leon in a sporty three-door guise. They’ve really put their hopes into this thing.

The Spanish company is like the stylist in the VW Group’s mainstream brand collection. It takes a platform and plays with its appearance as if this was part in one of those extreme makeover reality shows. When they’re done with the development, you won’t be able to recognize it.

This is what they’ve done with the previous two generations of the Leon, shaping those cold-blooded Golf IV and V into nice, emotional designs. Alas, we never could really take the Leon too seriously. Sure, its charms worked on us, but were never fully satisfied with what we found behind that pretty face.

This time though, we wanted to see what all the aforementioned claims were about. SEAT’s “Coupe” naming scheme meant we started the trip to collect the car with a raised eyebrow. However, as we approached our tester, this expression turned into a smile.

The SEAT Leon definitely has a striking appearance, but then again, this was in its genes from its very inception. The Leon was previewed by the IBE Concept back in 2010. That was quite a piece to look at and the resemblance to the Leon is profound, especially in the latter’s SC form. The IBE was penned by Luc Donckerwolke, a man who used to draw stuff for Lamborghini.

So here we are, grabbing they keys of this small Lamborghini. There’s just one problem though. There’s no V12 or V10 on the list. Guess we’ll have to make due with the 140 HP 1.4-liter TSI engine of our test car. This is situated in the mid-zone of the petrol range, so it makes for a reasonable proposal. Oh look, some FR badges.
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80user rating 55 votes
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