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Yamaha Ditches the Fazer8, FZ1 and XJ6 Diversion from the UK Line-up, Who's Next

It looks like Yamaha is planning a change of generations, at least as far as the offer in the UK is concerned. The Fazer8, FZ1 and XJ6 Diversion seem to be phased out, as they disappeared from the dealers' offers.
2015 Yamaha Fazer8 1 photo
Even though no official explanation was offered, it looks like these models haven't been selling to well in the UK, and Yamaha decided to pull the plug on them. These bikes are still available at dealers in other European countries at the moment, but something tells us that Yamaha might be eyeing a renewal of their fleet on the Old Continent.

According to visordown, the XJ6 Diversion can still be had, as it looks like the dealers still have enough bikes to push. Even so, those who were thinking about getting an XJ6 should better be ready to make a move, and possibly even get a killer deal.Is it the MT that will cause the end pf these models?
Now, one of the reasons for the poor sales of the mentioned bikes might be the new MT fleet. In certain points, the MT machinery sort of overlaps with the half-naked older-generation of motorcycles. The new MT bikes are also backed by good prices and come with the latest developments from the House of Iwata.

As to how the aggressive, modern styling of the new MT bikes compares to the completely different design language of the Fazer8, FZ1 and XJ6, it;s hard to tell, because this is doubtlessly a "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" type of problem.

Still, we doubt that Yamaha would have thought of sacking these machines from the UK market in case their sales went well. The models are still available in other European markets, but it will be interesting to see how long will they last. Are we allowed to dream about some more replacements for these models Yamaha might plan to show in November at EICMA?


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