Would You Buy a Shooting Brake BMW i8?

BMW i8 Shooting Brake 1 photo
Photo: Rain Prisk Design
Shooting brake models are not for everyone. While some people love their shape and claimed extra practicality, others simply can’t stand them. Take me for example, there’s simply no place in my imaginary automotive roster for shooting brakes.
Maybe they were hip some 50 years ago when rich British folk used to go hunting and needed something to carry their trophies with, but today, that’s no longer a thirst that has to be quenched. That’s if you’re not a dentist from Minnesota, right?

Getting back to the matter at hand here, the one exception to the rule, the one shooting brake that even I would get is the Ferrari FF. That’s probably the one car with this body style that I would actually consider but, taking into account the price tag it comes with, I’m just going to let it slide.

That’s not why we’re here today, though. We’re here because Rain Prisk Design just published a rendering that shows us yet another interesting shooting brake. This time, it’s a modified BMW i8 and I might just have to revise my list of dream cars.

The i8 he created looks like it should not only because the rendering was done perfectly, but also because there are other changes included in the mix as well.

For example, despite keeping things intact from the nose to the B-pillar in terms of overall shape, the i8 received black custom wheels, Toyo tires, a new splitter on the front bumper and black fender flares.

The side sills have also been modified, turned black and given a more aggressive feel. Round the back, you’ll find the coveted (by some) shooting brake design, executed to perfection. The roof box might not cut it for everyone but considering how limited the space inside the i8 is, you might need it.

If the powertrain remained the same, this would be a very interesting proposal. Unfortunately, only a few people would be interested in it and that’s definitely not what BMW likes to hear. Therefore, yes, this is just an imagination exercise, but wouldn’t it be great if it was real?
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