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Watch Two TRD Supercharged Toyota Tundras Doing the 1/4

Trying to go fast in a pick-up truck has always been a stupid idea, but it sure is awesome to see a huge bulky vehicle launching from the stoplight.
Supercharged TRD Toyota Tundra 1 photo
Totally disregarding fuel consumption, common sense and the fact that pick-ups have messed-up aerodynamics and their single purpose should be to carry stuff around, people started to love overpowered trucks, especially in America, where the people’s need to drive their beer crates home before they get cold is higher than ever.

And if you want to spend more money in your beer than your truck but still want some punch, you can get yourself a Supercharged TRD Toyota Tundra, which will take you from down the corner at home in 12 seconds, as you can see in the video bellow.


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