Volvo XC60 For Sleepy Heads

It seems that Volvo has found a new gadget for all those distracted city commuters that just cannot keep their eyes on the road and collide into cars at traffic lights.

The new Volvo XC 60 features as standard a collision avoidance system that will make sure you can read the newspaper, drink your coffee, put your make-up on or shave behind the wheel without crashing into the front car. The trouble saving gadget is quite simple and you don't need a PHD to use it: a laser sensor located in the top of the windscreen senses obstacles 10 meters in front of the car's bumper and reacts by hitting the brakes. At the same time, the sensor interacts with on-board computers responsible of the car's airbags and adaptive seat belt load limiters in order to maximize the protection of the passengers if there is an unavoidable collision. This way, accidents at speeds up to 15 km/h can be avoided, while bumping into another car at 30 km/h becomes less severe, limiting the damages to the vehicles and minimizing injuries of the passengers.

If that sounds pretty smart, then there's even more. Combined with Volvo's recently developed Collision Warning and Auto Brake systems, the new models offer accident coverage functions at any speed.

Other safety options launched include an updated DSTC (Dynamic Stability and Traction Control ) function which now takes onto consideration the car's body roll and a new Trailer Stability Assist (TSA) system that improves the control while towing a trailer. TSA is sold separately when purchasing a tow-bar.

With all the new safety functions covered, Volvo proves once again that it still manufactures some of the safest vehicles around. But yet again, if you let the car watch the road and even brake for you, you become more a passenger, rather than a driver, so better buy a buss or subway pass for your daily commute.
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