Vicis Zero1 American Football Helmets Could Revolutionize Motorcycling

Protecting the brain is arguably the main concern for gear manufacturers, both in the powersports segment and in other sports as well. Technology company Vicis shows the Zero1 American football helmet, but it's easy to see why powersports could adopt it, too.
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The idea of replacing styrofoam layers with a multitude of elastic columns that deform and absorb the force of the impact is not new, We featured the 6D ATR-1 helmet almost four years ago, and the Vicis design clearly built on it.

However, the Zero1 lid takes things to the next level, introducing a much larger number of "support columns" in the design, also providing omnidirectional impact absorption.

This means that both linear and rotational impacts are dealt with, and the Zero1 helmet offers the same level of protection for shocks occurring in any part of the shell and regardless of the direction of the initial force vector.

Automotive bumper technology integrated into a helmet

Most of the current helmet designs are identical as far as their structure is concerned. They all use a hard outer shell, with an EPS liner underneath it, and a comfort liner that remains in contact with the wearer's head. Higher-end manufacturers use a dual-density foam layer to increase the shock absorption, but still, we are talking about the same generic design principle.

Vicis Zero1 employs a Lode shell that deforms under the force of the impact, not unlike car bumpers do when hit. The deformation of the outer shell also consumes some of the initial force, reducing the Gs that are transmitted to the skull, and therefore, reducing the chances and severity of potential concussions.

The "pillars" in the columnar layer contract under external force, consuming even more energy. When a maximal compression level is attained, they will also buck sideways, consuming more energy.

Vicis helmets are also manufactured with the AXIS Fit System that determines the best shell size for each wearer, based on head measurements. Arch Shells will thus fit more snugly and provide superior comfort, eliminating the need for shims and air bladders.

The ultimate comfort is attained through the Form Liner that is available in four sizes and provides the best feeling regardless of head topography.

Now, the 6D ATR-1 did not transform the motorcycle helmet industry, and this means that the sector still has a strong inertia, but with more alternative designs, our lids may finally change.

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