UFC Ring Girl and Drifting Cars

Guys tune in to a match because they want to see the best UFC fighters duking it out, but they stay tuned in because of sexy sirens like these. Sirens like Edith Labelle, a Frech Canadian model and actress (isn't everybody?) who's best known for holding a ring card and looking very pretty.
UFC drifting reaction 1 photo
At 5’8’, 117 lbs and measuring a curvaceous 34-24-34, Edith is the perfect match for Youtube channel MMA Candy, which teaches you how to pin somebody down and force their joints until they submit.

The hot Canadian import did something we like, something that is packed with tire smoke, adrenaline and all sort of hormones that aren't worth mentioning. This video is solid proof that drifting with a girl in the passenger seat is a much better sport than MMA will ever be.

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