Tyga Gets Back at 18YO Girlfriend Kylie Jenner, Buys Rolls-Royce Ghost

It’s been a Rolls-Royce shopping spree in the Kardashian franchise recently, but we’re not even surprised anymore. Famous-for-nothing fashionistas and rappers alike just love that starlight interior deck the Wraith Ghost comes with, so it was only a matter of time until ThankYouGodAlways (Tyga) bought one too. What triggers our interest is timing, as the moment he did it is days after his younger girlfriend took delivery of her Ghost.
Tyga with his new Rolls-Royce Ghost 1 photo
Photo: Tyga on Instagram
Now, to get one thing straight, Michael Ray Nguyen-Stevenson may be a 25-year-old aspiring artist, but at least he does something to earn the big cash he later spends on cars. Allegedly, this rapper boy is busy “creating” music; but where is 18-year-old Kylie Jenner getting all that money to randomly purchase Rolls-Royces?

Heck, who cares what other people do with their money, we’re not the freaking IRS. We can, however, tell you this much, Tyga at least has taste in cars. You may think we’re dealing with just another rapper-buys-Rolls situation, but this guy is actually mad about the British luxury carmaker.

As a matter of fact, he even owns a couple of other classic cars, and if our memory hasn’t yet failed us, he also has a vintage Rolls-Royce he had restored too. There’s some car culture in Chris Brown friend’s lifestyle, and we’ll stick with that for the moment.

Again, the timing is fishy, to be honest. Kylie takes the delivery of her Rolls-Royce Ghost and bam, the next thing you know boyfriend Tyga poses with his brand new Wraith Ghost. It rather sounds like product placement if you ask us, but let us go with the flow here. After all, the two wouldn’t be the first celebrity couple to share the same taste in cars.

Notwithstanding, do you know what Tyga’s quote was for the pic? “Stay in school”. So staying in school is what we’re supposed to do to get one of those beauties in our garage? Nice to know.
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