Tumbler Google Glass Joyride Lets You Live out Your Batman Fantasies

Google Glass wasn't around when The Dark Knight came out in 2008, which is a real shame. If the movie had been filmed with the revolutionary new gadget, the experience would have reached a new level of immersion. Just imagine firing rockets, punching the joker in the face or kicking tens of butts per minute fighting Gotham's gangs, all filmed from the POV of the greatest detective/crimefighter that ever lived.
Tumbler and Aventador 1 photo
Photo: Allen Wong Photography
If you've ever wondered what it's like to actually get behind the wheel of the Batmobile, this next clip will give you a good idea. This dream-come-true joyride comes courtesy of the Parker Brothers and a guy named Allen, who owns Bruce Wayne's other cool car, the Aventador.(
According to the Lamborghini owner, the Tumbler roars like a tank and vibrates like a washing machine, but has a surprisingly good turn radius. This example is eve street legal!

And now a little bit of Batmobile history. This latest crime fighting vehicle is called the Tumbler and it's been brought into this world together with film director Chris Nolan's vision for a more realistic hero. iN the movie, the tank-like machine is stealth vehicle designed by Wayne Enterprises for the US Army.

Unlike the old Batmobiles, this doesn't come with gimmicky, tacky equipment like the Batrays and Batphones, it’s got very real dual front autocannons, rocket launchers, heavy armor plating and transforms into a motorcycle when heavily damaged.

Video courtesy of Allen Wong Photography
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