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Toyota Tops Some Sales Rankings

Do you wonder how Toyota's doing after the recent trust issues regarding the brand? Despite the recent image problems Toyota had to face since its massive recalls, the Japanese car manufacturer still managed to pull some impressive sales figures. In February, Toyota claimed two of the top three selling passenger cars in the U.S. and dominated the hybrid market. Toyota’s February sales managed to top other European and Asian car manufacturers.

Toyota/Lexus/Scion February sales rankings:

Light Truck Sales
  • Toyota ranked #3 out of 32 manufacturers with 33,413 units sold for a 9.1 share
  • Tacoma ranked #1 in small pickup sales with 8,325 units sold and 45.6 percent share (more than double its closest competitor)
  • Toyota/Lexus ranked #1 among non-American divisions (Asian and European) with 40,834 units sold for an 11.1 share
SUV Sales
  • Lexus RX350/450h ranked #1 in Near Luxury SUV sales with 5,694 units sold for a 24.3 percent share, nearly double its closest competitor
Passenger Car Sales
  • Corolla ranked #2 with 16,996 units sold
  • Corolla ranked #1 in Subcompact segment with a 14.9 percent share
  • Camry ranked #3 with 16,552 units sold
  • Camry ranked #2 in Standard Midsize segment with a 10.2 percent share
  • Yaris ranked #3 in Entry Subcompact segment with a 14.2 percent share
  • Scion tC ranked #3 in sporty Subcompact segment with a 13.5 percent share
  • Lexus LS ranked #2 in Prestige Luxury Sedan segment with a 25.8 percent share
Hybrid Sales
  • Total TMS hybrids ranked #1 with sales of 10,957 units sold with a 35.5 percent share
  • Prius was the #1 hybrid, commanding a 56.3 percent share among all hybrid passenger cars and 47.8 percent of all hybrids sold.
  • Lexus RX450h ranked #1in the Hybrid Light Trucks segment with a 35.2 percent share
  • Highlander Hybrid ranked #3 in the Hybrid Light Trucks segment with a 13.4 percent share


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