Toyota Prius Very Popular Among Celebrities

Toyota Prius Is Very Popular Among Celebrities 1 photo
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I know this might sound like one of those “Captain Obvious” moments, but there are over 20 celebrities that had at leas drove a Toyota Prius at some point.
Which makes me wonder, would the Prius still be now as famous as it is if film stars haven’t had been promoting it?

Let’s be honest, when the first Prius came by, no one thought it will work and there were very few Americans that saw its potential and imported it from the gray market.

Then cam the second generation Prius, which got officially imported in the US through the Toyota dealers and they quickly gained that aura of “planet saviors” due to some smart campaigns.

Campaigns that may have involved celebrities along the time. Can’t really tell if they were all trying to build themselves a “green” image for their audience or Toyota made them a good offer to buy a Prius hybrid and just use it daily in order to make it cool, but either way, celebrities need to get some credit for making the now iconic hybrid what it is - green, fashionable and wanted by those concerned about the environment.

You can find a top 20 celebrities owning/driving a Toyota Prius on BuzzFeed here, to which you can add Matt Damon, Jeff Dunham, Woody Harrelson, Olivia Wilde, Carrie Underwood and Sarah Silverman.
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