Toyota Prius Family Ad Is Freakishly Funny

We still don’t like to use the plural of Prius and think this word doesn’t have a plural, like people. But the Prius now has a ‘family’ of vehicles under the same name.
To show this fact and the versatility of the platform, Toyota has released a strange new commercial for the ‘Prius Family’. This is probably the strangest and most disturbing thing we’ve seen this month, and it will give us nightmares of giant people made of... people tying to eat us.

The “People Person” commercial is the work of Saatchi & Saatchi advertising agency and shows just how much you can do with about 16 people and a giant toothbrush. Thankfully, the all brake up at the end to get into the Prius vehicles, which include the regular model, the Prius V minivan that will hit the US market next month, a PHEV and a concept version of the more compact Prius C.

Can you call the peole person a hybrid? Guess so!


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