Total Number of Charging Stations World-Wide to Reach 11.4-Million by 2020

With 45,000 EV charging stations installed globally by the end of the year, as well as the 135,000 EVs which are expected to be sold in the same time frame, it’s safe to assume that all-electric power is starting to gain popularity.
Charging Station 1 photo
Now, according to a report by Pike Research, called ‘Electric Vehicle Charging Equipment’, the sub-200,000 unit figure we have now, for all total units sold (both EVs and charging systems), the number is expected to reach 2.4-million by 2020.

Also, with the aid of local communities, EVs’ increase in popularity will prompt more investment in the charging infrastructure, and owner won’t have to buy their own, as it will be far easier and cheaper to just charge publicly.

The report estimates that some 11.4-million charging stations will be online around the world by the end of the decade, with countries like Germany, Japan, the US, China, Israel and the UK being at the forefront, and dragging everybody along with them,

This is accurate, if the current growth figure does not oscillate too much, and continues to grow “at a steady pace”.

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