Timberline Solar Makes Your Roof Generate Electricity Using the Power of the Sun

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GAF Energy Timberline SolarGAF Energy Timberline SolarGAF Energy Timberline SolarGAF Energy Timberline SolarGAF Energy Timberline Solar
In our quest of finding cleaner sources of energy, the sun plays an important role, with solar panels continuing to grow in popularity all over the world. U.S.-based company GAF Energy wants to help us harness the power of the sun in the most convenient way by developing a roof-integrated solar product.
Pondering on the simple question: Why add solar panels to your roof when you can make a solar roof that can generate energy, GAF Energy came up with its Timberline Solar solution, a product that incorporates solar technology into standard roofing materials and procedures.

While it may not be the most original idea, as Tesla also had its crack at it, GAF Energy actually brought it to fruition. Designed as a home improvement option, the Timberline Solar is easy to install, just like a regular roof, using a nail gun. The solar roof is made up of shingles instead of panels and can be up and running within two days. It doesn’t require any special underlayment or advanced electrical skills, and it can be installed by your usual roofing crew.

The shingles are durable, can withstand winds up to 130 mph (209 kph), and are water-shedding. They are designed in a way that doesn’t mess up your house’s aesthetics.

GAF Energy boasts of its Timberline Solar being UL 7103 certified, meaning it has a dual performance, being able to function as both a roofing and solar system in a single product.

Best described by its manufacturer as a roof with energy, lightweight, durable, and powerful, the solar roof is supposed to save homeowners money, in addition to supplying electricity to their homes. The best time to opt for it is when you need your roof replaced.

GAF Energy doesn’t mention anything about the pricing of its Timberline Solar so far, but it does tell us that the solar roof is currently available only in select markets. However, the company plans to expand rapidly and make its energy solution available to as many consumers as possible.
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