This Dog Hates the Red Toyota RAV4, Tears It a New One

They say dogs are man's best friend. Under ideal circumstances, we like the same food, play fetch together and even sleep in the same bed. But when God made the dog, he didn't imagine we'd invent the automobile because the two don't get along.
This Dog Hates a Red Toyota RAV4 1 photo
Photo: screenshot from Youtube
This following clip was taken in Russia and shows a stray dog that's furious with a red Toyota RAV4. Over the course of about eight minutes, it inflicts severe damage worth hundreds of euros.

Russia must be a really harsh place where dogs constantly have to battle with wild bears. Otherwise, how can you explain the strength of this animal that tears the inside lining of the wheel well as if it were a piece of fabric?

Fido goes completely berserk and rips the RAV4 a new one. At one point, you can see that the front bumper is starting to detach. A few other strays circle the car, but none of them has the ferocity to rip plastic and metal.

Is there food under the bumper or a cat that he wants to reach? We think it's unlikely. A similar incident occurred this May in the People's Republic of China. There, a pack of strays were so displeased with a VW Jetta that they bit through the metal front fender.

Eyewitness reports suggest the owner of the car kicked a stray that morning. He left and returned with a whole pack, exacting revenge onto the Jetta. Mess with the dogs and you get the teeth

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