That’s a Big Hole in the Road!

That’s a Big Hole in the Road! 6 photos
300 sq meters sinkhole in downtwon Wuhan300 sq meters sinkhole in downtwon Wuhan300 sq meters sinkhole in downtwon Wuhan300 sq meters sinkhole in downtwon Wuhan300 sq meters sinkhole in downtwon Wuhan
When we were watching those images filmed by surveillance cameras in the National Museum in Bowling Green last year, we simply felt like our eyes couldn’t be trusted anymore. Watching those rare Corvettes being “eaten alive” by that huge sinkhole felt like something out of the horror movies than something that could ever happen in the real world.
Yet, here we are one year later finding a sinkhole that's even larger, only this one suddenly appeared in the middle of a four lane road in China.

Motorists in Wuhan, capital of Hubei province, were quite shocked Tuesday evening when they found themselves in front of a 300-square meter hole. The four-lane road was simply sinking into the earth, like it was made out of paper.

As opposed to what made that huge crater swallow eight classic corvettes back in US, however, it appears this incident happened thanks to some bad calculations at the construction of the city metro going on below.

Local reports claim the asphalt was sinking because of an underground tunneling machine. “The sealing system of the shield tunneling machine was damaged that night. Then an enormous amount of silt and water flooded into the machine, which has cause the ground above to sink,” a member of the construction team later said.

Sure, repairing the mess most likely won’t last a year like it did at the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, Kentucky.

By the way, some of the rare Corvettes swallowed last year have already been restored. The only problem is, it took the facility around a full year to cover that crater up. I wonder how long it will take the Chinese.
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