Ten-Minute Clip on Landing a 737 Is a Tutorial on How to Become a Hero

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There are two things people fear the most while flying. OK, maybe three: the first is extreme turbulences - the kind that can show everybody what you had for breakfast and rearrange your internal organs; the second is the eventuality when both the pilot and co-pilot are incapacitated so somebody else has to bring the plane down, preferably in one piece; finally, the third is the airplane food - this one combines very well with the first.
We’re here to talk about the second, and probably the one with the least chances of actually happening outside of a movie. In a Hollywood production, the first reaction would be to look around the plane and see if Bruce Willis was there. What? The odds of both people able to fly the plane being out weren't that great either, but it still happened, so it’s a legit try.

Assuming Bruce Willis had other places to be at that time, some brave passenger would have to take the role of the pilot and everything that comes with it. You know, things like the lives of over a hundred people, but no pressure there.

The clip is made using a flight simulator and uses the cockpit of a Boeing 737 as an example, but rest assured, the differences from one plane to the other are the least of your worries. Trying not to wet your pants, now that’s something worth focusing on.

Assuming you’ve accepted your faith and are now seated in the pilot’s chair, the first thing you should do is get in touch with the air control operator and inform them of the situation. You will then get a professional pilot to guide you through your emergency landing procedure, while they will also divert any other flights as far away as possible from your position. They won’t be telling you that, though, for obvious reasons.

The clip was made by commercial pilot Tim Morgan, a man with plenty of flight time and, as we’ve found out after watching the whole video, a very calm voice. If I were ever in the situation of bringing down one of these planes, it’s this voice I’d like to be hearing. I also enjoy the beer part at the end.

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