Super-lucky Biker Stays Up After Stupid Driver Crashes into His Bike

Failing to obey the minimal safety regulations when it comes to passing other vehicles is probably one of the main causes for car crashes.
In fact, reckless drivers who don't give a flying fudge account for a huge number of accidents with very serious consequence, even if they seem to inexplicably occur on straight roads.

It's the case of this 4x4 driver who fails to notice the car behind him already signaling left in order to pass him and gets in the way. As the white car honks the stupid driver and passes both him an the sidecar bike in front of him, the 4x4 has only one option: to brake as hard as possible and try to avoid crashing into the bike.

The 4x4 swerves to the right of the biker still braking, but he driver is too stupid to see the most logical move from this point on: keeping the car in a straight line on the side of the road while slowing down progressively and letting the bike pass him safely.

Instead the 4x4 driver chooses to get back on the asphalt simply veering straight in the sidecar of the bike. The completely unaware bike seems to ave very good reflexes as he manages to keep the bike “rubber-side down” and subsequently stops on the left side of the road.

This was a very close call, but things could have ended terribly nasty. Once more, a straight line proves to be less safe than we'd normally expect; especially when stupid drivers are in the way.
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