Super Fast Supra Racers Compete at TX2K12

What car should be considered the queen of drag scene - the Camaro, the GT-R, or the Veyron? No, not really. It has to be a car that’s held on the title for a time befitting a true monarch, not just a couple of years.
Only one other car can be both scary fast and common enough to dominate every speedway in America. It has multiple names, but people mostly call it the Supra. High Tech Corvette has gathered a number of amazing quarter mile runs form the latest TX2K12 events, and you’ll have to agree the Supra is very fast.

Right now, Toyota is working on a replacement for the Supra, one that will share only the name with the cars we are showing you. It going to be a complicated all-wheel drive model with electric motors at the front and a V6 at the back. It’s going to be complicated to tune and it doesn’t look like something for the fans.


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