Street Artist Alec Monopoly Gets a New G-Wagon and a Ferrari 458 Italia

Most of you definitely played Monopoly you they where little and some of you adored the game, but we’re pretty sure you didn’t like it as much as this guy. This particular American goes by the name of Alec Monopoly and he’s a street artist that seems to have a thing for the money-crazed Monopoly Man. His work consists of satirical spins of the the black and white iconic character, in reference to contemporary styles and situations.
Alec Monopoly 1 photo
Well, it seems that being an artist is working out pretty good for him as he has just recently bought a black Mercedes-Benz G-Class. Wait, this isn’t all, Alec thought that such an awesome car wasn’t exactly enough for him and decided to treat himself to a new Ferrari 458 Italia as well.

Yes, surprisingly being a street artist/ painter /graffiti artist in the USA can actually bring you a G-Wagon and a Ferrari. To keep things interesting, Alec had someone take a photo of him and his nice ride, with his face all covered up (this being his second trademark besides the Monopoly thing), and posted it on his Instagram Account.

We’re pretty certain that sitting on the hood of you own G-Wagon gives you one great feeling. What can we say, it appears that he actually followed on the footsteps of the money-maker Monopoly Man.


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