Stolen BMW i3 Is Praised by Its Thief Who Doesn't Know He's Being Recorded

We like the BMW i3, but we can also realize that its bulldogish looks aren't to everyone's taste. Even we don't find it pretty, but its weirdness manages to be so great that it's hard not to find it somehow attractive. It's unlike anything out there, and that's probably its saving grace.
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That and the interior, which is absolutely stunning. If a modernist living room was ever mirrored into a car's dashboard, then it's the one in the BMW i3. The shapes of the surfaces together with the materials used make you feel like you've just stepped into the pages of a '90s design magazine. It fuses retro styles with futuristic touches like nothing before.

We will never know what exactly it was that lured the thief towards the small German EV, but something clearly did. You'd think that such rare cars aren't a magnet for people who like to take what's not theirs, since they're much easier to track and a lot harder to sell. On the other hand, what do we know about how thievery works? Not that much, mister officer, not that much.

This unfortunate "chap" from London was skilled enough to get in the i3 and start it (why people who know how to do stuff like this don't put it to better use is beyond us), but he clearly wasn't an avid reader of car magazines or websites because he had no idea what to expect. He was so impressed that he immediately called a friend of his ("bruv," which is the British equivalent of "bro") and told him about his latest acquisition.

He either had no idea it was there, or he didn't care about the car's dashcam because he went on about the vehicle for over two minutes. We have no idea what kind of cars are his specialty, but he sure seemed very impressed by the i3's performance. "I’ve never been in a car like this. This car will leave anything for dust! It is off! It can move!" he can be heard saying. It's worth noting that the BMW i3 accelerates to 62 mph (100 km/h) in 7.2 seconds, which is decent, but there are plenty of four-cylinder diesels out there that can outpace it.

The man was clearly impressed to bits with the i3 and was afraid to leave it too close to where it was stolen from. In the end, the EV was found by the police just 2.5 miles away from where its owner lived. How did the police track it? Well, apparently, the BMW had a GPS tracking system installed, so it was nothing more than child's play.

Judging by the short dialogue he has with his mate, we'd guess the thief isn't too old. He's very proud to have his own flat ("not my mum's, yeah? MY flat") and he's even more excited about the "curved telly" and "bass boxes" he's managed to procure (completely legal, of course, why would you think otherwise?).

This clip isn't just a very good BMW i3 commercial, but it also gives hope to every other EV manufacturer out there: the young generation loves electric cars, and those who don't simply haven't stolen one yet. But there's time.

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