Solar-Powered Plane Lands in Hawaii, Completes Record-Breaking, Five-Day Journey

Solar-Powered Plane Lands in Hawaii, Completes Record-Breaking, Five-Day Journey 1 photo
Photo: ABC Australia
Parents regularly learn that the power of example is the best way to teach their children the important values in life. What if the old mentality that petrol fans have can be changed in the same way? If that is the case, the record-breaking trip Solar Impulse 2 just finished clearly is the way to do it.
Of the world’s record-breaking trip Pilot Andre Borschberg and his fellow co-pilot Bertrand Piccard have started back in March you have probably heard by now. It’s a dream mankind has had for some time now, that of flying around the planet without one drop of oil. One of the hardest legs of this journey was flying over the Pacific Ocean from Japan to Hawaii.

Due to inclement weather, Borschberg’s initial attempt was cut short. But here we are, a couple of months later, with a video footage showing the solar-powered aircraft landing safely in Kapolei, after an impressive 5,061-mile trip. The experienced pilot has spent five days in the air. We are talking about an 118-hour flight from Nagoya, the longest ever solo nonstop flight, one that breaks the previous record set at 76 hours.

Sure, it’s not only about breaking records with Solar Impulse 2, a one-person aircraft that has 17,000 solar cells, and that uses stored energy to continue flying after the night falls. In fact, this journey is here to prove a point, and if successful, changes in the aeronautic industry may follow. After all, it’s not just cars that bring all the damage to the environment; planes do too.

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